Compatible Black Ink Cartridge For Hp 15 Psc 500 Psc 500cxi 500xi 700 C6615de



Description & Details

Compatible Black Ink Cartridge For Hp 15 Psc 500 Psc 500cxi 500xi 700 C6615de DescriptionBlack High Capacity Ink Cartridge Compatible With HP 15XL, HP No.15, 15, C6615DE, C6615D For:  HP Colour Copier 310

HP Deskjet 3810

HP Deskjet 3816

HP Deskjet 3820

HP Deskjet 3820c

HP Deskjet 3820v

HP Deskjet 3820w

HP Deskjet 3822

HP Deskjet 810c

HP Deskjet 812c

HP Deskjet 816c

HP Deskjet 825c

HP Deskjet 825cvr

HP Deskjet 840c

HP Deskjet 841c

HP Deskjet 842c

HP Deskjet 843c

HP Deskjet 843cxe

HP Deskjet 845c

HP Deskjet 845cvr

HP Deskjet 916c

HP Deskjet 920c

HP Deskjet 920cvr

HP Deskjet 920cxi

HP Deskjet 940c

HP Deskjet 940cvr

HP Deskjet 940cw

HP Deskjet 940cxi

HP Deskjet 948c

HP Digital Copier 310

HP Fax 1230

HP Fax 1230xi

HP Officejet 1510A2L

HP Officejet 500xi

HP Officejet 5105

HP Officejet 5110

HP Officejet 5110v

HP Officejet 5110xi

HP Officejet V30

HP Officejet V40

HP Officejet V40XI

HP Officejet V45

HP PSC 500

HP PSC 500cxi

HP PSC 500xi

HP PSC 700

HP PSC 720

HP PSC 750

HP PSC 750xi

HP PSC 760

HP PSC 900

HP PSC 940

HP PSC 950

HP PSC 950vr

HP PSC 950xi

Colour: BlackInk Capacity: Maximum Filled




5057666291988 (EAN)


Printers & Scanners

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